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My passion for photography began while I was working as a realtor in San Antonio, TX. I knew that I loved working with people and I enjoyed making people laugh. My work in realty inspired me to pick up photography as a pastime. The beautiful architecture of the properties I worked to sell captured my attention. I began photographing realty and architecture in my local community. From there, my interest grew into portrait and personal shoots.

After graduating with bachelor of fine art degree in graphic design in 2012, I knew that photography was my true passion. I decided to pursue this venture full-time and now it's my primary business. Andres Photography has been in business for over five years, and I have never been happier. I strive to inspire that same emotional response and passion in all those who view my artistic photography.

I am moved by the power that a photograph can have. Whether you are evoking happiness, nostalgia, or wonder, I think that all photos should make you feel something. At Andres Photography, I strive to create personal portraits for all of my loyal clients that directly represent who they are.

“Your photos are my captured works of art.” Together, we can create a true masterpiece that will inspire the world for generations to come. Browse my impressive portfolio today for inspiration and ideas.

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